Equinox is one of the smallest wine producers from the Republic of Moldova. We grow our wine in our vineyard of only 5 hectares. The vineyard is situated in Olănești on the slope that overlooks the Nistru river valley. This slope has a wide variety of very different soils and this diversity contributes to the complexity of our wines. We grow 8 red and 3 white varieties, from which we produce wines with character and expression of the terroir. Since 2006 we started the conversion to organic farming and starting with 2013 vintage our wines are certified organic.

Constantin Stratan
Cabernet Sauvignon
2010, 2700 bottles

The wine’s complex palate has notes of raisins and dry plums and is slightly spicy. The aftertaste is persistent and silky. Aged in oak barrels for 3 years.

2012, 900 bottles

Dry red wine, 3rd year of conversion to organic. Aged in oak barrels for 34 months. Only 900 bottles produced.

Rară Neagră
2014, 900 bottles

Dry red wine made from organic grapes. Aged in oak barrels for 10 months. Only 900 bottles produced.

2011, 6456 bottles

Dry red wine, 2nd year of conversion to organic. Aged in oak barrels for 24 months. 6456 bottles produced.

2014, 690 bottles

Organic dry white wine. Aged in oak barrels for 6 months. Only 690 bottles produced.


Constantin Stratan
+373 69 500 505

121, Alba Iulia Street, apt.23
MD2051, Chisinau
Republic of Moldova

Our first vineyard was planted in 2002 and produced our première vintage in 2004. This Cabernet Sauvignon was proudly released in 2006. Equinox focuses on crafting small quantities of high quality wines, and thus has poured its energy into developing its vineyards. The vines are located near the village of Olăneşti, a place which locals call Luchineasa and a region known for its excellent wines. Taking advantage of Olăneşti’s rich winemaking tradition, Equinox uses the facilities of neighboring wineries. Our vineyards sweep across 4 hectares and are cared for with great attention to detail, allowing for the production of exquisite wines.

Eighty-seven percent of our vineyards are planted with red wine grape varieties. The traditional red varietals of this region are Rara Neagra, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Malbec. However, the region also offers exceptional conditions for both Shiraz and Carménère, varietals which are new to Moldova. The most common white varietals are Chardonnay, Feteasca Albă and Feteasca Regala.

Equinox presently produces approximately 8000 bottles of fine wines per year. Our wines are served primarily in Chisinau’s best restaurants. In addition, we began exporting to Ukraine in 2009, where Equinox wines are distributed in their Hotel, Restaurant and Catering sector.

The quality of a wine originates in the vineyard, with winemaking techniques only meant to maintain this. In order to achieve a wine of remarkable quality, much work and care must be given to the vineyard. Equinox devotes great attention to canopy management, optimizing the yield of each vine and optimizing the vigor of the vines, among other things. We also are experimenting with organic viticultural practices.

What makes Equinox wines stand out is the location of our vineyard, which is perfect for growing the best quality grapes. The vineyard’s layout ensures synergy and harmonious coexistence with the surrounding nature, which results in wines reflecting the unique character of this land. We planted our vines more densely in order to obtain a greater canopy surface per hectare and to intercept more sunlight per hectare. This optimizes the ripening of the grapes and allows the berries to accumulate not only more sugar, but also more flavor and taste. The development of the vines is closely observed throughout the growing season, and decisions as to the work done in the vineyard are modified accordingly in order to have balanced vines that produce the best grapes and best wines.

The quality potential of our vineyard provides us with inspiration, passion and the goal to produce wines that reflect our unique terroir.

Our aim is to produce quality wines with personality. This vision of quality is reached in the vineyard through balancing the dynamics of terroir – the intermingling of the character of the soil, location and climate –, grape-growing techniques and above all, the voiceless dialogue between the grape-grower and his vineyard. We believe that quality is predetermined in the vineyard. The modern winemaking tools and skillful winemaker are only meant to preserve the quality created and endowed by nature.

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