We believe the vineyard gives us an important reason for joy and hope. Even if it is generous and rewards us when conditions are severe, it is good to care for it with great love. Only in this way can we obtain a really noble beverage – a good wine, resonant with flavor.

Alexandru Luchianov
2012, 7300 bottles

Cuvee Rouge
2012, 2605 bottles


Alexandru Luchianov
+373 79 426 821

MD4218, Ștefan Vodă raion
Republic of Moldova

After extensive travels, two brothers returned to Moldova to follow their passion — winemaking. One is a mathematician; the other worked in American casinos. Thus, they combine rational thinking with an understanding of the value of luck.

Starting with the planting of vines, the estate now produces thousands of bottles each year. The business has evolved, bringing new developments and greater success. This is the origin of the winery’s name, Et Cetera.

Et Cetera’s key customers are restaurant chains in Moldova and neighboring countries and private collectors.

The first grapes planted at Et Cetera included Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Traminer, and Chardonnay. Moldovan varieties are also grown. In 2010, a large parcel of the vineyard will be grafted with such local varieties as Feteasca Neagră, Feteasca Albă, Feteasca Regală, and Rara Neagră. Et Cetera will also plant other varieties — Syrah, Negro Amaro, Petit Verdot, Albaroso, Marselan, and Malbec. The winery produces no more than 10,000 bottles of wine of each varietal annually.

The story of Et Cetera wine begins in the spring, when the vines reawaken, and continue through to the harvest and vinification. The small company works with passion in the vineyard, where each cluster enjoys special care.

In the fall, harvesting proceeds without haste. Grape bunches are collected in small boxes; then workers sort them carefully, checking each berry. Only the best are fermented — red varieties  in stainless steel tanks and white in new oak barrels. Testing at every stage of vinification ensures wines of unforgettable flavor.

Et Cetera is staffed by enthusiastic young people committed to growing fine grapes and producing wines of uniquely Moldovan character. With the vineyard’s rich soil and optimal growing conditions, they see the potential for noble wines made from Moldova’s outstanding grapes.

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