“minis terrios” are the small plots of land with a powerful character - a character that is conveyed to the people who work them, who make and taste the wine. Besides the berries carefully chosen, we’ve put a good dose of love, enthusiasm and inspiration in our work as well as many dreams and plans to make the world a ‘berry’better. We are developing a new concept of winemaking that cares more about the people behind the scene.

Prisacaru Dan
2013, 1372 bottles

We have obtained an indulgent, round and smooth wine with a mellow evolution and long finish. Perfectly goes with a dinner with a Mediterranean accent. Accompanies best the precious moments enjoyed with close friends.

2013, 4116 bottles

We have obtained an intense wine with a fresh taste haunted by pomegranates and dry prune aromas. Perfectly goes with elegant cheeses and meals abundant in meat. It is the best companion for an inspiring discussion with friends.

2014, 615 bottles

We have obtained a fresh, nimble and temperamental wine, abundant in sweet scents of cherries and young sliced strawberries. Perfectly accompanies appetizers and seafood. Formidable slakes the heat of summer days.


Prisacaru Dan
+373 79 58 41 63

18 Calea Basarabiei str.,
Chisinau, MD2023
Republic of Moldova

Minis Terrios is a family micro-winery which began its existence in 2013 in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova. It was a spontaneous project that was transformed from a simple sketch drawn on a napkin in a functional winery in less than 3 months of uninterrupted work and unending enthusiasm.

The winemaker and co-founder of Minis Terrios, Dan Prisacaru, then just returned from his wine studies from Dijon – the heart of Burgundy, combined all his passion, knowledge and perseverance in creating the first wine – Minis Terrios Merlot 2013. This wine has intrigued many connoisseurs, and was received with open arms by local consumers.

The winery continues to outsource its raw material, however, the success of the wines and the belief that good wines come from quality grapes encouraged the founders to plant their own vines. We expect the first vintage from our own grapes to be in 2017.

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