11 octombrie 2010

Grapefull Sisters host Moldovans
The News Reporter

Grapefull Sisters Vineyard of the Guide community in southern Columbus County hosted a U.S. Congressional Open World delegation of six winemakers and wine tourism experts on Sept 11. They were interested in the success of Grapefull Sisters Vineyard in the “niche marketing.”

During the Moldovans’ visit to North Carolina, Grapefull Sisters Vineyard was chosen because “Grapefull Sisters Vineyard sets a high water mark in the industry,” says Suzanne Stafford of The Stafford Institute, which works with emerging economies and hosts for Open World.

“I am sure we would benefit from Moldovan expertise in operating a vineyard,” says Amy Suggs, co-owner of Grapefull Sisters Vineyard. “Moldova has 3,400 years in growing grapes and making wine. As a result of this meeting, we have invited one of the Moldovan vineyards, Et Cetera, to become a sister vineyard with us. We hope to keep the relationship building and learn from them and maybe they can learn from us about marketing.”

“They had a high level of interest in agro-tourism, how we got started and what we are planning to do to maintain ourselves in a fast growing market,” says Sheila Suggs-Little of Grapefull Sisters. “We are delighted to share.”

As Suzanne Stafford observed, “The Moldovans get recognized and rewarded for their expertise and the North Carolina winemakers improve their vintage. Everybody wins.”

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