Filetto al Pepe Verde

Filetto al Pepe Verde


A Symposium Restaurant specialty, Filetto al Pepe Verde is delicately prepared from filet mignon in the flavor and savor of the traditional Italian sauce "Pepe Verde." The fine and delicious taste of this specialty goes perfectly with the fruity flavor of the Cabernet Sauvignon Et Cetera wine.


Filet mignon (beef) - 200 gr
Extra Virgin olive oil - 20 gr
Selected corns of green pepper - 5 gr
Brandy - 25 ml
Cream - 70 ml 
Butter - 20gr
Fine sea salt - 2 gr


The filet mignon is fried in olive oil for about 6 minutes, 3 minutes each side. The oil is strained and butter and green pepper in corns is added. The filet mignon and the corns are roasted for further 5 minutes, after which it is splashed with Brandy and flambéed. Salt and cream is added and the filet is kept on fire for 3 minutes more.

The filet is arranged on a big plate, and the green pepper sauce is added to it. It is served with Cabernet Sauvignon Et Cetera.

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