Victor Vutcarau

58 Dacia blvd.
MD-2062, Chisinau
Republic of Moldova
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Feteasca Alba
2018 , 1 bottles , 12,5% vol alcohol

Feteasca alba is a traditional Romanian grape variety, cultivated, particularly, in Moldova and Transylvania, of an excellent minerality, highlighted in both aromas and taste, which is suitable for consumption even without foodpairing. A crystalline wine, almost transparent with green reflections of linden flowers. Feteasca is the only grape variety with aromas of flowering vines. We can, as well, see shades of field flowers and green apples in aromas. It's a delicate wine.

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2018 , 1 bottles , 13,5% vol alcohol

This wine is produced from Viorica grapes, which has been cultivated in the Republic of Moldova since 1969 and is considered the golden standard of Moldovan white wines. The grapes are harvested manually from their own vineyard in the Codru region. In the aromas, several shades are interwoven, mainly of basil, but also of musky notes and spices. After a slight aeration, aromas of flowers and fruits develop: acacia, apricot, citrus fruits. The taste is full, well structured, with a long aftertaste. It has a straw-yellow color with a delicate golden glow.

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Muscat Ottonel
2016 , 1 bottles , 13% vol alcohol

Muscat Ottonel is a French variety, being popular in the manufacture of premium wine, with a special aroma, specific to Muscat. A bright, pale yellow wine, with a frank aroma (typical aromas of muscat), fruity, with several flavors of extra-ripe exotic fruits and aromatic herbs - sage. The taste is dry, balanced, fresh, with a pleasant aftertaste.

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Edition 2019 AWC Vienna

Cabernet Sauvignon rosé
2016 , 1 bottles , 13,5% vol alcohol

French grape variety, Cabernet Sauvignon is used at red wine production. Using the method of reduced contact between the pulp and must, we obtained this superb wine, medaled at AWC Vienna with the distinction of Silver. A semi-sweet, bright wine, pale pink, with a floral, fruity aroma, with hints of red currant, berberis, strawberry, aromatic herbs, currant leaf; in taste: sweet, round, balanced, with a rather long aftertaste.

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Edition 2020 Mundus vini

Saperavi & Codrinschii
2018 , 1 bottles , 13,5% vol alcohol

Codrinschii is a cross of two varieties: Rara Neagra and Cabernet Sauvignon, obtained in 1970, at the Institute of Wine and Vine of the Moldovan Soviet Republic. Through this blend, between the Georgian Saperavi and the Moldavian Codrinschii, we obtained a fruity, not maturated wine, with an average intensity of purple, which denotes the youthfulness of this wine. With moderate alcohol and tannins, aromas of ripe blackberries, cornflowers, black currant jam, it is a dry wine, with a medium acidity, medium body and an average aftertaste. The ATU winery is the first and only winery producing Codrinschii Moldovan variety.

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Edition 2020 Mundus vini

Calibru 12-21
2017 , 1 bottles , 14,5% vol alcohol

12 months and 21 days were needed to create this blend from 3 varieties of the same caliber: Feteasca Neagra, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. The Romanian oak emphasizes the authentic style, followed by the winemaker - an intense wine, with aromas of ripe sour cherries, blueberries, blackcurrant, felt in the taste and aftertaste, complemented by dark chocolate, black pepper and tobacco hues. To be enjoyed in unique, special moments, alone or near the loved ones.

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2016 , 1 bottles , 14,5% vol alcohol

A German variety, Traminer, contains high natural sugar, being popular for making dessert wine, late harvest. A bright wine, yellow-green, with floral aromas, fruity, combined with fruits with white flesh, exotic fruits (lychee, lime). The taste is semi-sweet, balanced, bold and different. It is a great late harvest in taste and aftertaste.

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„The concept of the winery is to offer something more than wine, more than passion''. In a continuous creative ascent, ATU dedicates its works to those who want to enjoy the wine in a more special way. It is the way in which the winemaker experiences new recipes and ideas through his wines, always respecting and admiring the genuineness. Innovation, freedom, pleasure, terroir.” Victor Vutcarau

ATU is a new brand, created in 2016. Our success is due to the unique wines we produce. The winery is located in Chisinau, the capital of the Republic of Moldova, with the complete in-house production cycle, which is why we are proud to say, that we are the first urban winery in the country. Our wines are handmade, from the beginning of the harvest to the labeling of our limited edition bottles, which allows us to treat each drop of wine with the utmost care and attention.

The winery charms by its contemporary style, with an industrial type factory, open to visitors, wanting new sensations and to discover the whole process of wine making. We encourage new artistic experiments, which is why for our wines and winery we prefer the works of young artists, who identify themselves with the freshness, youthfulness and authenticity of our unique product.

The ATU winery is open for visits and events throughout the year, our founder and winemaker, Victor Vutcarau himself, will be very happy to meet you whenever you decide to come to our urban winery, to tell you more details about our story and to answer all your curiosities, of course, in the company of a glass of unique and special wine.

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