Ion Luca

136 Columna street
MD-2004, Chisinau
Republic of Moldova
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Edition 2019 Asia Importing News

2017 , 9900 bottles , 14,5% vol alcohol

Dry red wine, of a light ruby color, rich in aromas with notes of black cherries, blackcurrants, wild berries, plums, truffle and chocolate notes. The taste starts with black cherries, chocolate and vanilla, over which fine touches of sweet pepper, pepper and sage come. The acidity of the sour cherry is quickly controlled by fine but heavy tannins, a sign that the wine will have a long life. The wine was aged for 12 months in French barrique.

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Sparkling wine Brut Natur
2018 , 4500 bottles , 13% vol alcohol

Sparkling white wine, produced according to the traditional method, by secondary fermentation in bottle and maturation of 16 months. It has a yellow-stray color and a beautiful pearling, a bouquet rich in simple aromas of green apples, citrus and wild flowers. Taste well balanced, mineral, with notes of green apples, exotic fruits and gooseberries, which pass into a fresh and elegant aftertaste.

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Feteasca Regala
2017 , 5600 bottles , 13,5% vol alcohol

This wine is produced from Feteasca Regala grapes, from the famous Codru Region. White dry wine with a lemon yellow color, rich in floral aromas of acacia and apple flowers, with fresh well balanced taste with notes of apricots and apples, perfect for hot summer evenings.

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Edition 2019 Asia Wine Trophy


Edition 2019 Berliner Wine Trophy

Femme Fatale
2017 , 8200 bottles , 12,5% vol alcohol

This wine represents a blend of 2 traditional Moldovan varieties: Feteasca Regala (50%) and Feteasca Alba (50%). The grapes for this wine were grown with great care in the Codru region and were manually harvested, at the time of optimum maturity in the first half of September. Dry white wine, straw yellow colour, with slight aromas of apple, nectarines, peach and acacia flowers. Taste rich in aromas of apple, nectarine, peach and slightly floral notes that pass in a fresh and elegant aftertaste.

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2017 , 3800 bottles , 12,5 % vol alcohol

This fresh wine, from the harvest of 2017, has a rich bouquet of aromas of green apples, apricots and peanuts. The very expressive and quite long taste for a wine from Chardonnay, combines perfectly with various fish and seafood dishes, as well as slightly spicy and slightly oriental oriental dishes, fresh goat cheese, salads and fruits. It is recommended to be served at a temperature of 7-9 ° C.

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Edition 2019 Berliner Wine Trophy


Edition 2019 Asia Wine Trophy

Bad Boys
2017 , 7200 bottles , 14,5% vol alcohol

Dry red wine, intense ruby color, rich in aromas of black cherries and blackberries, slightly spiced with notes of black pepper and vanilla. Intense, harmonious taste with notes of blackberries, sweet cherries and black cherries, complemented by pepper and cocoa, with a long and elegant aftertaste. Aged 12 months in French barrique.

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Edition 2019 Berliner Wine Trophy


Edition 2019 Mundus vini

Breaking Red
2017 , 4900 bottles , 14,5% vol alcohol

Dry red wine, ruby. Produced from selected grape varieties as Feteasca Neagra, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. It will conquer you through richness and nobility, with fine aromas of black currant, cherries, blackberries, berries, with cocoa accents and sweet spices. Intense, elegant taste, with hints of sour cherry, berries, currant, blackberry and chocolate, which pass into a harmonious and long-lasting aftertaste.

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Edition 2019 Berliner Wine Trophy

Cuvee 19/11
2017 , 1650 bottles , 14% vol alcohol

This wine represents the mixture between an ancient local variety, Rara Neagra, complemented with the delicacy of a noble French variety, Pinot Noir - both grown and cared for with great dedication in the wine region Codru, in the center of Moldova. Dry red wine, of a light ruby color, rich in fine aromas with notes of blackberries, raspberries, cherries and light hints of chocolate notes. Delicate, complex taste, with soft tannins and raspberry notes, red currant, sour cherries and pomegranates, elegant and fresh aftertaste. The wine was aged for 12 months in French barrique.

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Feteasca Neagra
2017 , 3900 bottles , 14% vol alcohol

Dry red wine, of a light ruby color, with a rich bouquet expressed by light notes of cherry, berries and cocoa. The velvety taste surprises with notes of raspberry jam, raisins and chocolate. It pairs perfectly with the traditional Moldovan dishes - placinte (pies) and cabbage/vine rolls (sarmale). It is recommended to be served at 16-18 ° C. Aged 10 months in French barrique.

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Pinot Noir
2017 , 1250 bottles , 13,5% vol alcohol

The grapes come from the Codru region, from the center of the Republic of Moldova and were harvested manually, in mid-September. The wine has a ruby color with hues of violet, rich in aromas with hints of sour cherry, blackberries, forest berries complemented perfectly by shades of black pepper. Well balanced taste, fine, but wide with intense aromas of blackberries, sour cherries and pomegranates, which passes in an elegant aftertaste, with hints of fresh red fruits. Aged 10 months in French barrique.

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47.030164389349345, 28.83085012435913, Carpe Diem Wine Shop &Bar, 16

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„Carpe Diem wines are rather a dream come true. What initially seemed like an unrealistic aspiration, today is already proud of numerous gold medals obtained at renowned international competitions. We don't know for how many generations the Luca family produces wine, but we know exactly that the last 4 generations were directly involved in the process of wine production. A dark time in the family's history was in 1949, when the whole family was sent to heavy work in Siberia, and all their assets were expropriated. And here, now, in the 21st century - the tradition brings together 2 generations of winemakers to found the new / old ”Casa Vinicola Luca”.” Ion Luca

”Luca Winery - a family business, whose origins have been lost in the files of history.


Modern history was cruel with the representatives of this family - the Soviet regime expropriated all the family's assets and deported a large part of the family to heavy work in Siberia. Only the great-grandfather Peter, who was in that terrible night at the vineyard, escaped from deportation and because at that time, not everyone had a car, you had to go to the vineyard for a few days, until you finished the work.

And here's how the vine saved him.

He found his house full on his return from the vineyard, but not with his beloved ones - but with Bolshevik officers, who occupied his house. He fought as hard as he could to bring his family back home, and he largely succeeded in convincing the regime that they were not "well-off" or "traitors to the country." On their return, they were given the shingle, in which they previously kept the tools with which they worked the land and the vine. And there they continued living their lives.

Grandfather Grigorie took over the tradition and produced all his life wine, but in domestic conditions, because that was the time - private property did not exist and you were not allowed to be an entrepreneur.

Perestroika surprised father Ion at one of the largest wineries in the country - Cricova, where he now works with his son Vasile and take part together in creating one of the most famous wines in Moldova - the wines of Cricova winery.

The son Ion continued the family tradition and, after long trips around the world, decided to bring back to the family what once was stolen from the Soviet regime - the production of wine under its own name - Casa Vinicola Luca, which in 2014 started with the range of CARPE DIEM wines - produced mainly from indigenous varieties, but also from some international varieties, and the recognition was not delayed.


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