Tudor Aghenie

Sadova village
MD-4436, Calarasi rayon
Republic of Moldova
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Feteasca Regala
2019 , 1500 bottles , 13.2% vol alcohol

A wine with a bright and exciting look, with a straw yellow color, sprinting and conquering through its floral aroma. Fresh and refreshing wine that expresses its maximum potential served cold. It is recommended to be served at a temperature of 10-12 degrees C, in combination with fish and seafood.

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2019 , 1500 bottles , 12.8% vol alcohol

It has a straw yellow color and an intense aroma of tropical fruits and wildflowers. Fresh, balanced taste, supported by a pleasant acidity. It is recommended to be consumed at a temperature of 10-12 degrees C, in combination with fish dishes, fruits, poultry or fresh cheeses.

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Pinot Noir
2018 , 1500 bottles , 13% vol alcohol

It is a noble wine, aged in local oak barrels. Soft taste, slightly spicy, light tannins and fine shades of cherries. It is recommended to be served at a temperature of 18-20 degrees C, in combination with light meat dishes.

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2019 , 1500 bottles , 13,5% vol alcohol

It is a mature wine of a dark ruby color, a pronounced bouquet of coffee, dried fruit and vanilla. Velvety, harmonious taste, with fine tannins and shades of dried prunes. It is recommended to be served at a temperature of 16-18 degrees C, in combination with beef or rabbit.

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„Located in the heart of Codri, on the edge of Sadova village, Crama Tudor is the place where good wine is made through generations. Fine and savoury drink, true divine elixir, produced by the owner of the winery and bottled with love for you.” Tudor Aghenie

A winemaker of ancient traditions, Tudor Aghenie from Sadova village, Călărași rayon, followed his call of destiny in the art of wine production, becoming a technologist in winemaking. Everyone who entered his house wanted to take at least a drop of this elixir to their friends or acquaintances. Thus, the owner expanded his vineyards, reaching to produce over 15 tons per year of selected wines, already loved by the high consumer.

The passion of the winemaker from Sadova, inherited from his ancestors, counts at least 6 generations of quality wine producers. It is said that Tudor Aghenie is a descendant of a wealthy boyar, owner of the estate through these places, whose wines were enjoyed not only at home, but also successfully sold in major European capitals.

Not hazardly, in recent years, Tudor Aghenie has combined his passion as a skilled producer of selected wines with that of a promoter of rural tourism. The rustic atmosphere of the winery is completed by several wooden houses, located at the edge of the forest, right next to the vineyards, adorned with original traditional carpets and towels, with a stove for sarmale (vine leaves and cabbage rolls) and placinte (pies) and a wine cellar - a perfect refuge for guests and tourists.

Initially, the place was named "La Bordei", being intended for the rest of the workers in the vineyards. Today, the place has become attractive for tourists eager for quality wines and dishes cooked in the stove, prepared with great love and skill by the family of Tudor Aghenie.

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