Mihail Maciuca

84/3 Chisinaului street
MD-2084, Cricova town
Republic of Moldova
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Lady’s charms
2018 , 2700 bottles , 13.8% vol alcohol

Dry white wine, produced from the Fetească Regala grape variety, of a late harvest. Intense aroma of fresh basil flowers, peach and shades of exotic fruits. A full taste of fresh grapes and green apple, with light astringency and long aftertaste, due to cold maceration.

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2018 , 1200 bottles , 15.8% vol alcohol

Dry rosé wine, obtained from the Cabernet Sauvignon grape variety, by the method of pelicular maceration, for several hours. Intense aroma of strawberry jam, berries, blackberries, currants. Taste of overripe strawberries and berries, with balanced acidity, expressive alcoholic strength and long aftertaste.

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Sweet word
2018 , 1400 bottles , 14.1% vol alcohol

Semi-dry rosé wine, obtained from the Merlot grape variety, by the method of pelicular maceration for several hours. Strong aroma of ripe strawberry, currant and red berries. Sweet and persistent taste, with balanced acidity to the extract and expressive alcoholic strength.

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On white horse
2018 , 2300 bottles , 14.0% vol alcohol

Dry red wine, produced from the Merlot grape variety, with the fermentation of the must on the stem. Intense aroma of sour cherry, prunes and ripe nuts. Full, velvety taste, slightly astringent, with shades of cream and long aftertaste.

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Long Life
2018 , 1700 bottles , 14.2% vol alcohol

Dry red wine, produced from the Cabernet Sauvignon grape variety, according to a popular technology. Aroma of axes, overripe cherries, black cherries, prunes and tobacco. Fine cream taste, with expressive alcoholic strength and pronounced astringency.

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"Etnovin is a local brand for royal tastes! The grapes are harvested with love and dedication, and the wines are made with the involvement of the whole family, in order to transmit our values to the consumers.” Mihail Măciucă

ETNOVIN is a small wine production business, run by the whole family with a lot of passion and devotion. ETNOVIN produces signature wines, in limited quantities, thanks to the great winemaker - Mihail Maciuca. He recorded the largest collection of Moldovan wines in the Guinness Book of Records and dedicated almost four decades of his life to winemaking, acquiring the skills needed to produce this unique wine that creates a symphony of tastes and aromas in each glass.

ETNOVIN relies on small quantities of wine, with specific natural organoleptic properties, unrepeatable, without aromas or taste for storage in barrels, able to satisfy the demands of an elite consumer rather than a mass consumer.

ETNOVIN works directly with concrete viticulturists, focusing on the most valuable vineyards in terms of soil composition, sunlight location and compliance with ecological viticultural technologies.

ETNOVIN does not recognize the press in the technological processes of wine preparation, using for processing only ravac or, in the case of sweet wines obtained by freezing grapes, only the heart of the must. In order to obtain the most pronounced and natural olfactory-gustatory properties, ETNOVIN prefers the grape harvest as late as possible, and, in the technological processes of wine maturation, to avoid treatment with excessive amounts of anhydride, it uses its storage at very low temperatures.

ETNOVIN guarantees a high quality wine from local varieties, able to satisfy the highest requirements.

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