Dmitrii Cissa

Gradinita village
MD-4221, Causeni rayon
Republic of Moldova
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2017 , 1 bottles , 14.5% vol alcohol

A dry rosé wine, blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir varieties. The wine has a pleasant salmon color, with a predominant strawberry flavour. It has an acidity balanced by the creamy taste, in combination with a lasting aftertaste of red berries.

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Edition 2018 Black Sea Region Wine & Spirits Contest


Edition 2020 Mundus vini

2018 , 1 bottles , 13% vol alcohol

A dry red wine with an intense ruby color, characterized by an aroma of black berries. Delicate tannins with a balanced acidity feel in the taste. Durable and harmonious aftertaste.

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Cabernet Sauvignon
2015 , 1 bottles , 14% vol alcohol

A dry red wine, which has an intense ruby color with shades of brick colour. It has a pronounced bouquet of blackcurrant and cherry, topped with shades of vanilla from the barrique. Ripe tannins, with a balanced acidity, with a lasting, unforgettable aftertaste.

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2009 , 1 bottles , 16% vol alcohol

A red dessert wine, produced from the Cabernet Sauvignon variety. It has an intense reddish color with an aroma and taste of honey and honey. Sweet, pleasant, followed by an aftertaste of raisins, which makes it an unforgettable wine.

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47.022017053151785, 28.825605500541975, Casa dacă, 19

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”We are a dynasty of winemakers in the fourth generation, devoted and passionate about our work. Our main task is to preserve the traditions, the quality of wine production, to transmit the memories of the past, the atmosphere and the history of the place. We want to share our heritage with the Moldovan people and with the guests from abroad. We cherish what we have inherited from history.” Dmitrii Cissa

The “Leuntea-Vin” winery, together with the village of Leuntea where it is located, represents a historical value in the south-eastern region of Moldova. Being one of the oldest wineries in Bessarabia, founded in 1817, it started the wine industry in this region, introducing the science and technology of production from Europe and has been recognized internationally.

During the Russian Empire, the winery had special lands, and many soldiers and officials sought to buy these lands. Among them was the French lieutenant general Ponset, an intelligent, sophisticated and, above all, rich person, with a special talent of organization and management, who chose to invest in this picturesque but deserted place, in order to develop it. Soon, he founded the winery and built a house in which he lived, surrounded by a small garden and a park. Since then, the vineyards have been planted in this area. Specialists in the field of agriculture and winemaking from France and Germany were hired to process the land and cultivate the most special grape varieties.

The vines were imported, mostly, from France and, due to the favorable climatic factors, specific to the Purcari region in the Dniester valleys, they started to produce an extraordinary wine, unlike all the others. Visitors were especially amazed by the reserve wines. In the Agenda of the Ministry of State Property, in 1864, was noticed and described the spacious cellar of the winery, where were the hard wooden barrels, in which the wines were kept and matured.

Ponset's residence was often visited by Count Vorontsov, the governor general of Novorossiya and Bessarabia. In the summer of 1824, returning from a trip to Odessa, the Russian writer A.S. Pushkin together with I.P. Liprandi stayed at Ponset's house at night (from Liprandi's memoirs of Pushkin). The first high appreciation of Leuntea wines was at the St. Petersburg exhibition in 1847, followed by other competitions, retaining the status of an honorable brand.

The winery, noted in history, has survived to the present day and belongs to the "Leuntea-Vin" winery. As in the days of the foundation, in this winery the wine is kept in wooden barrels. The wine is produced by the owner of the factory - Dmitrii Cissa. Dmitrii is an oenologist with over 45 years of production experience, who personally controls the quality of wine production and strict adherence to the technology.

Our wine is produced from grapes grown on our own vineyards, located near the Dniester, in the Purcari area, whose fertile soil, rich in microelements creates optimal conditions for the production of exceptional extractive wines. The vines grow at a big distance from the highway, which reduces the toxicity of the raw material. The high alcohol of the wines from their own sugar of the grapes, and later the keeping of the wine in cellars at low temperatures, allows to minimize and even exclude the use of sulfites.

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