Mihail Sava

1-3 Mateevici lane, Costesti village
MD-6813, Ialoveni rayon
Republic of Moldova
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2018 , 1 bottles , 13.3% vol alcohol

Produced from select Bianca grapes, harvested manually from vineyards in the Codru region. It is special because of the different and complex bouquet. The wine has a fresh and elegant character, so it is very suitable as an appetizer, but can also be associated with dishes based on lean fish or chicken.

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Sauvignon Blanc
2018 , 1 bottles , 12.3% vol alcohol

This is a dry white wine, produced exclusively from the Sauvignon grape variety. One of the grape varieties grown by Mihai Sava winery, selected manually from our own vineyards, spread in the Codru region. The specific climatic conditions, but also those of the soil, intertwined with the experience of the winery, make possible the appearance of Sauvignon wine. It develops a specific greenish-yellow hue, which seems to reveal a standard assortment, but its aromas come to contradict the first impression and fascinate with a fabulous floral bouquet.

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2018 , 1 bottles , 12.2% vol alcohol

One of the grape varieties grown by Mihai Sava winery in the central part of the Republic of Moldova on its own vineyards, is Traminer. In the first decade of September, Traminer grapes are ready to be harvested at full maturity, to compose this elegant assortment, with a tasty taste and a pleasant aftertaste, slightly bitter, which gives a special personality to the expression. The wine is aged for four months in stainless steel recipients, at a controlled temperature, to clear itself naturally. It develops a straw yellow hue, with greenish hues, which reveals a fruity floral taste, beautifully balanced.

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Merlot Rosé
2018 , 1 bottles , 12.4% vol alcohol

Produced from Merlot grapes, selected manually from our own vineyards, spread in the Codru region. One tasting is enough to immediately fall in love with the superb aromatic bouquet and the special character of this wine. It has a light pink color, complex aroma of berries with fine shades of barbaris. Delicate round taste, which gives a special flavor and maximum freshness. Wine can be paired with pasta and seafood or a selection of fine cheeses.

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Cabernet Rosé
2018 , 1 bottles , 12.7% vol alcohol

Obtained from the Cabernet variety through the technology specific to rosé type wines, grapes harvested by hand from our own vineyards, located on clay soil spread in the Codru region. This Cabernet Sauvignon promises to catch from the first tasting. The various aromas of the variety are well preserved, outlining a delicate wine, suitable for summer. Enjoy it cold, as an appetizer, or with cream cheeses, paella or grilled salmon.

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Cabernet Sauvignon
2018 , 1 bottles , 12.3% vol alcohol

This is a dry red wine, obtained from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes hand-picked from a vineyard located on clay soil spread in the Codru region. It is one of the most popular varieties of wine in the world. It develops small fruits in size, with a thick film that protects it from various diseases, making it ideal for reaching a later maturity than other varieties. Mihai Sava winery invites all red wine lovers to enjoy this expressive wine, which is characterized by a special freshness, a well-balanced bouquet and an aromatic and persistent aftertaste.

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”We involve all our time, efforts and hardwork into our wines. We spend the whole day taking care of the vines and grapes and when it’s finally harvested, we work day and night to obtain this special, delighting wine you are seeing.” Mihai Sava

It all started in 2003-2004, when we planted a hectare of Cabernet grapes and delivered the grapes to a winery. After a while, the factory went bankrupt, and this made us stop looking for another factory, but to produce our own wine. We had experience, we had quality grapes and the enthusiasm to produce a quality and special wine ourselves.

The grape varieties from which Mihai Sava wines are produced are cultivated on the Pojogana vineyards, which are located near Lake Costești, which has an area of about 240 ha. This allows the grapes to create a perfect balance between sugars and acidity, which subsequently gives us the opportunity to produce wines of excellent quality. The grapes are processed at the winery. The winery is small, family-type, but we have everything we need to produce a wonderful wine and to welcome visitors at any time.

Starting with 2015, we applied for a grant, and since then the emphasis has been even more on quality. We now produce and bottle dry white wines from the Sauvignon, Bianca, Traminer and Muscat Ottonel varieties, rosé wines from the Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon varieties and dry red wines from the Cabernet Sauvignon variety.

In parallel with the production of wines, we also provide tourism services. At the winery, traditional dishes with wine tastings are prepared and served. We are waiting for your visit to closely follow the whole process of wine production and enjoy the authentic, rural experience.

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