Vladimir Miron

Vorniceni village
MD-3736, Straseni rayon
Republic of Moldova
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Feteasca Regala
2019 , 300 bottles , 13.5 % vol alcohol

Dry white wine, fresh and generous with a well-expressed variety character. Ennobled with aromas of wildflowers. It has a slightly mineral taste, with a pleasant acidity. Serve with chicken, fish, seafood and soft cheeses.

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Feteasca Regala and Muscat
2019 , 300 bottles , 13.5 % vol alcohol

An attractive blend with pleasant shades of acacia flowers. Refined, resistant aroma, with a predominance of basil scent, as well as notes of flowers and ripe fruit. Cooled well, it is a good accompaniment to fish or chicken dishes, fine cheeses and delicious desserts.

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Riesling and Chardonnay
2019 , 300 bottles , 12.5 % vol alcohol

A fresh, balanced and fruity blend. It has aromas and shades that give the scent of tropical fruits and the freshness of wildflowers. Light citrus hues, ennobled with pear aromas in the aftertaste. It is served with fresh cheeses, fish snacks, sushi, seafood, Asian cuisine.

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2019 , 400 bottles , 12.0 % vol alcohol

A typical wine with a specific aroma of Muscat grapes. It has a fine and delicate taste, easily recognizable among consumers. Aroma and taste typical of Muscat, harmonious with a round sugar-acidity balance. It is served with salads, light meals, cheeses, cakes and desserts.

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Merlot Rosé
2019 , 250 bottles , 14.0% vol alcohol

Dry rosé wine with a complex bouquet, dominated by strawberry aroma and citrus notes. The taste is distinguished by an excellent balance of alcohol and acidity, which makes it ideal for a meal start. Soft, harmonious taste, with nuances of berries and expressive strawberry aroma. It is served with cheeses, salads and light snacks, rabbit and duck dishes, seafood, lasagna, pasta, pizza.

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Cabernet Sauvignon
2019 , 300 bottles , 14.0 % vol alcohol

Dry red wine, distinguished by pleasant astringency, full-bodied character. It has aromas of fruits and forest berries: blueberries, horns, blackberries and black cherries, as well as purple flowers. It is served with meat dishes: steak or grill, pork and beef ribs, goose, duck breast, lamb.

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2019 , 300 bottles , 14.0% vol alcohol

Dry red wine with a full velvety, harmonious, slightly fruity taste. It is distinguished by the fine aromas of ripe black fruit, red pepper and sapphire. Serve with smoked duck breast, turkey or veal schnitzel, pork steak or prosciutto snacks.

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Name Website Adress
Alco Market www.alcomarket.md See on the map

47.045307290908355, 28.86135220527649, Alco Market , 21

Invino Enoteca www.invino.md See on the map

47.0261558464107, 28.831540793180466, Invino Enoteca, 20

”Vornic Winery was born from a longing for ancestry, ancestral tradition and a family destiny of Vorniceni.” Miron Vladimir Gheorghe

The author of “Vornic Winery” wines, Mr. Miron Vladimir, with studies in the field, specialized internships abroad and jobs held in various wine companies, has been active in this industry for more than 35 years. In 2016 he founded G.Ț. "Miron Vladimir", and already in 2017 he created his first wine. He owns and cares for 8 ha of vines, of which 3.5 ha of Sauvignon Blanc are 40-year-old Soviet-era plantations.

As today's customs and culture are based on the achievements of the ancestors, so are the viticultural traditions taking the best from the past of the native land. This is the philosophy behind Vornic Winery - a small winery that respects traditions, but at the same time, the founders build their future, taking into account modern technologies. Located in the village of Vorniceni, Straseni rayon, this family winery is deeply rooted in the landscapes of the hills and forests surrounding its vineyards. The name Vornic Winery is inspired by the rich history of its homeland.


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